Renee Ann Butler

Renee Ann Butler

Business Writer | Ghost |Exeter MBA

I write content that converts and give voice to your vision. Former expat. Avid reader. Usually on the road or haunting cafes.

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Amazonfiretv front lead article
The Street

Amazon Is Taking Over Your TV - Starting Today!

Amazon launches its own streaming tv device. It's about time!...

Netflix122 front lead article
The Street

Netflix, Comcast, AT&T and the War Over ISP Fees

The battle for bandwidth could affect your portfolio....

Oculusrift3 front lead article
The Street

Facebook Goes Virtual Reality for $2B -- But Is Zuck Just Seeing a Mirage?

Facebook spends $2 billion to buy early virtual technology mover Oculus VR. Does that give the Social Network a foothold in a budding market or it it just a mirage?...

Google40 front lead article
The Street

Google Slumps After Founders Issue Non-Voting Shares

Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to split the Class A voting shares, but were reluctant to expose themselves to undue shareholder influence. But are investors happy?...

Amazon labels front lead article
The Street

Why Amazon Loves Local -- and Why It Absolutely Shouldn't

Amazon has its eye on the prize pushing into the services industry, but it could be missing the forest for the trees....

Lululemonmat front lead article
The Street

Lululemon, eBay and Staples: 3 Retailers United Under a Red Flag

Repatriating cash from abroad has specific uses that may actually work against investors, by papering over trouble in the company....